East Side Deli, pulled pork

As you have probably noticed by now I have a thing for pulled pork, and when I say a thing I really mean I have a slight obsession. This will be the third pulled pork I have reviewed on this blog. This pulled pork comes with tender shredded pork marinated in their BBQ sauce with secret sauces and spices, it comes with an option to add coleslaw or cheese, I added coleslaw. Just feeling the weight of this sandwich as I carried it to the table I knew it was going to be massive, and just like a pulled  pork sandwich should be it was a huge messy sandwich. The coleslaw was falling off of the huge mound of meat resting between a white toasted sturdy roll, the slaw added a nice crunchy texture contrasts and has a little Aardvark sauce(hot sauce) to contrast the sweet BBQ sauce. The meat was finely shredded, and very moist. The only problem I had with this sandwich was figuring  the best way to eat it. I ordered the small for $6.00 and cant imagine what the large looks like. Overall I will give the sandwich a 5, I could easily eat this sandwich everyday any time of year. Eastside Deli is defiantly one of my favorite sandwich spots in Portland.




East Side Delicatessen on Urbanspoon


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