Meat Cheese Bread, B.L.B

The B.L.B, bacon lettuce and heirloom beets, aioli on toasted sourdough bread ($7.00). The bacon is thick cut Nueske’s smoked bacon, this bacon not just Fred Myers butcher shop bacon, its New York Times award winning bacon, and it lives up to its reputation on this sandwich. Cooked to a crisp chewiness, the fat to muscle tissue was perfect and the apple wood smoke was high lighted with buttery sour dough toast. In concept I loved the idea of the salt from the bacon complementing the sugar from the beet, unfortunately I found the beets to be completely overcooked, so the sugar didn’t show up at all in the sandwich. The lettuce was fresh and provided a nice texture contrast to the bacon and beet. For $7.00 I felt the sandwich needed a bit more than a few strips of bacon and poorly cooked beets. I would give this sandwich a 3 on my rating scale.

Meat Cheese Bread on Urbanspoon


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