The Blue Monk

Walking into the Blue Monk during their happy hour (5-7), it was
unusually quiet. Blue Monk is known for their basement performances,
and happening bar. My friends and I sat down around 5 and were greeted
immediately by an energetic smiling waitress. We sat next to the large
front windows and enjoyed the natural lighting.  After shuffling
through four menus I found their happy hour food, and was pleasantly
surprised with the amount of options and variation in food.
I settled on a parmesan chicken sub, and at $5.50 a pop it was a
pretty good deal. The chicken was moist and the breading was crisp.
The sauce on the sub was light but that is because they serve a bowl
with half alfredo and half tomato sauce. I felt the tomato sauce had a
good tangy sweet but was in need of some salt. The alfredo sauce
reminded me of a standard jar of sauce you could buy at the grocery
store. The bread to meat ratio was very far off for me, it seemed as
though they were trying to make the bread the highlight of the chicken
Overall I gave the sandwich a 3.5, and would opt to try something
different if I go back.
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