Walking into Steakadelphia around 6 pm, there was literally no one in the restaurant. Toward the back corner there was an employee sitting on a table watching TV, when she noticed us she ran around behind the counter and like magic two cooks appeared on their line.  After looking over several variations on phillys I settled on the large traditional philly cheese steak (regular $5.50, large $7.50, XXL $10.00). The traditional comes with American cheese, mayo, onion, and Steakadelphia’s secret sauce. When I asked what type of bread all of this came on, knowing that I wanted only one answer, one of the cooks looked up with a smile and hint of pride saying “Amorosa, we get it shipped in straight from Philly”. In that moment I knew these people knew what they were talking about. Amorosa is just about the only thing people can agree on when it comes to what an actual traditional philly cheese steak is. My friends and I sat at one of their wooden picnic benches and were all equally distracted by the various sports that hummed on the  TVs hung on the walls. As we waited for our names to be called about 10 people trickled in. Each person was served their sandwich on a brown plastic tray, the philly’s were warped in foil and steaming hot. After a few bites of mostly bread I got to some well seasoned juicy beef, with the perfect amount of gooey melted cheese. The onions were a bit over cooked and I would recommend to splurge and go for the XXL if you want a sandwich packed full of meat. My friend after he finished his sandwich, balled up his tin foil, looks at me with a smile and said “this is the real thing.”, having grown up close to Philadelphia he said this is the closest thing to a philly from Philly he’s had since he’s lived on the west coast. Overall I would give the sandwich a 4. Some sandwiches I’m planning on trying, the Ranch Philly, the Cheese-wiz Philly, and the Bacon Cheddar Philly. A side on sides:  I also got a side of fries ($2.50) severed in an overflowing cup in side of a grease-soaked bag. They seemed to be a standard pre-cut frozen fries but had a good crunch and was a huge amount for the price.

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